My son took the 23 and me test, the results came back very very confusing

His Haplogroup came back E1B1A with EU 175. But what was odd it said it was with out some markers. When I researched that that had only been discovered in one other person in a study in Africa

However his autosomal DNA was 99.1 Northern European, with .9 unidentifiable the breakdown was just as we expected from genological research 50 percent German from the Rhineland, 11 percent Scandinavian from Copenhagen and the rest from the British isles.

How is this at all possible?

Our family immigrated from Germany (fathers line) 150 years ago. They lived in isolated German communities with no possible chance of interacting with a person from that Haplogroup, further If they have it would have shown up in the DNA tests he did, and nearly all my family did (he is the only one to take the 23 and me, everyone else used ancestry) all the autosomal results matched each other. Further all the pictures of my grandparents are blue eyed blond headed northern Germans (as am I and my kids)

So we know there was no chance of the Haplogroup being acquired in the United States. ( well the DNA test would have picked it up in the last 200 years and it states 0.0 percent African)

Which brings us to it me to Germany, once again they came from rural communities that were very homogenous almost interbreed to say the least, the same families immigrated to the US together as well.

I have read where this happened to a few other families of German and Austrian descent and there were isolated cases of this in Germany and Austria.

So I have come to a few hypothesis

1. The result was simply wrong, should of been E1B1B- they just made a mistake or the chip read it wrong, that is the most likely case. you get what you pay for

2. It is an ancient artifact, since the tribes with the E1B1 ( a and b) evoloved together this dude headed north with his brothers instead of west with his other kin) ended up in Europe. Also 1% of Scots supposedly carry this marker as well. This guy (his descendants could have cut a sawth all through Europe in pre history

3. During the Roman occupation of the Rhineland a soldier or slave raped one of my ancestors or she was a prostitute .

4. The Theban Legion? They were in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in the 200's R1B1A is present in thebes put not the sub clade (that we know of)

5. The Ubii- they mixed heavily with the Romans and they were the tribe in the area of my ancestors.

If not one (which a think it is) 2-5 could be possibilities because we know it has to be from a long time back because the other tests would have picked it up in the last 200-300 years.

Any advice or ideas would be appreciated