Alexander the Great's FATHER is found.

Dude, stop playing the goofy cat role. You didn't disagree with me, you quoted me out of context, missquoted me, out of nowhere for the sake of it.

Now, let's move on, and stop playing the police patrol in a thread.
My God, you REALLY don't know what you are talking about!
Hawk was referencing Vitruvius' posts on modern Greek Macedonians and his claims, which are indeed not in alignment with historical, archeological and modern pop gen data.

They're actually specifically in line with ancient population genetics as all I've done so far is post the overlapping relationship of Paeonians to modern Macedonian distances.

We have discussed Alexander the Great in the Balkan BA thread a bit. IIRC there was also some leak info on the samples from Greek Macedonia (from some Greek anthrofora guy), the core looked more Mycenaean-like (I need to fact check that again) with some samples being shifted toward or plotting exactly like Southwest Balkan IA. During the late BCE-CE era there is a shift toward the Southeast. Pretty much what we've seen in most Southeast European related papers.

I'd like to see these supposed leaked ancient Macedonians if you can post the samples. I'd also like to know who "some Greek anthrofora guy" is and where he gets this from.

Y-DNA, MtDNA and auDNA are all three key in deciphering the genetics of a pop. You cannot discard either one.

Doesn't change a word of what I said. You cannot use Y-dna to quantify ancestry. Only a large database of aDNA from all associated populations with before and after timelines is useful for quantifiable admixture estimates. Show me a study in which we see a large sum of northerly like Slavic populations settling and mixing all over mainland Greece and I'll be convinced. Otherwise it's looking more like this profile was already present by the Iron age. We already see a non negligible amount of high steppe Greek outliers in the Peloponnese and Greek islands during the Bronze age in Skourtanioti et al., already. The Mycenaean world was already well connected to these populations by the Trojan war.

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