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Don't shoot the messenger because there's no yDna. :)

See: Aranka Csösz et al

"Maternal Genetic Ancestry and Legacy of 10th Century AD Hungarians"

"The ancient Hungarians originated from the Ural region in today's central Russia and migrated across the Eastern European steppe, according to historical sources. The Hungarians conquered the Carpathian Basin 895-907 AD, and admixed with the indigenous communities. Here we present mitochondrial DNA results from three datasets: one from the Avar period (7th-9th centuries) of the Carpathian Basin (n = 31); one from the Hungarian conquest-period (n=76); and a completion of the published 10th-12th century Hungarian-Slavic contact zone dataset by four samples. We compare these mitochondrial DNA hypervariable segment sequences and haplogroup results with published ancient and modern Eurasian data. Whereas the analyzed Avars represents a certain group of the Avar society that shows East and South European genetic characteristics, the Hungarian conquerors' maternal gene pool is a mixture of West Eurasian and Central and North Eurasian elements. Comprehensively analyzing the results, both the linguistically recorded Finno-Ugric roots and historically documented Turkic and Central Asian influxes had possible genetic imprints in the conquerors' genetic composition. Our data allows a complex series of historic and population genetic events before the formation of the medieval population of the Carpathian Basin, and the maternal genetic continuity between 10th-12th century and modern Hungarians."

[FONT=&quot]Obviously, we would want the whole mtDna sequence, and much larger sample sets.

Angela, I exige Y-DNA for the whole sample, even the females!

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