Ancient Origins

Metal Age Invader 6%
Farmer 74%
Hunter-Gatherer 20%
non-European 0%
Northwestern European: British, Irish, French, German, Belgian

Ancient Origins: 46% Farmer 41% Hunter-Gatherer 14% Metal Age Invader

I expected higher Metal Age Invader and Hunter-Gatherer because everywhere I read it says that Neolithic farmer admixture is lower in Northern Europeans.
Northwest European: British Isles (mostly Celtic fringe with some English) Continental Germanic (Rhineland and other parts plus Dutch and Swiss) with 1/8th Swede.

Ancient Origins: 52% Hunter-Gatherer 39% Farmer 9% Metal Age Invader

I wonder how FTDNA calculates these. The calculators from GEDmatch and others put me at much higher for WSH so I wonder what they mean exactly by "Metal Age Invader" and how it's calculated.

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