Another view of "steppe" ancestry-Pagani et al

Like the fantasy that cattle herders from "the steppes" wheeled into Europe with their carts being pulled by donkeys and taught the people in the Balkans of Vinca culture where the earliest form of writing and metallurgy has been discovered, to speak some kind of Indian related language? Or some half mongoloids on horseback enlightened them with a superior language.

Another thing to scratch your head over, West Slavic and East Slavic languages are both more similar to South Slavic than they are to each other... even though genetically Poles and Russians are closer to each other. Shouldn't it be the other way around if it originated from Russia/Poland and spread to the Balkans.
You base your admixture on what?

How are they more "Slavic admixed" than Macedonians or Bulgarians but speak Romance,weren't assimilated or their neighbors the Gagauz Turkic? all being almost identical genetically.

How are Hungarians more "Slavic admixed" but speaking Finno-Ugric language while the Balts that speak Baltic responsibe Balto-Slavic have more "Uralic" like haplogroups and even the Poles?
Also in Hungarians genetics we are chasing ghosts,labeling a almost non existent N haplogroup to have imposed a language in the Pannonian plain on numerous Slavs,Vlachs and so on.

By this conclusion we have non Slavic speaking people but genetically more Slavs vs Slavic speaking people but genetically much less Slavs.

While we can see some haplogroups and certain subclades to correlate to degree with Slavonic speaking people a language that most Eastern Europe speak,it must correlate!geography on other hand correlate much better with distribution of haplogroups if we disregard languages.

On the other hand culture,social economic factor,centralized government or empire at certain period of times can cause a language shift and perhaps many more factors,sometimes even the conquerors adopt to new language not only the conquered because it supposed to ease our lifes and every day dealings and we use it to communicate regardless of the haplogroups we carry.
That's all together historic and linguistic issue from IE (If we speak for a group that belong here to present).While genetics supposed to give us more results and help us here so far we lack data to be conclusive.Merely talking about hypothesis.

So ~50% of probably Slavic-like Y-DNA lineages is not enough now? If Romanians weren't mixed with Slavs, they'd probably plot with other proto-Balkanic people who were relatively shielded from the Slavic migrations in the Balkans, like Greeks and Albanians. Instead, they form a cluster with the South Slavs (who obviously mixed with Balkan locals).
the slavic vocabulary is heavy enough in Romanian basic language.

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