Arab Spring, 9 months after


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It seems like to some Countries Arab Spring has done its circle but in some other still need more streangth to turn the wheel

Algeria and Tunesia are not in 1rst line news,

Libya counts her wounds

Egypt seems to be back to the begining

and Syria ? does it follows the libyan way or Spring will be a long time civil riots and struggle?



also Yemen etc,

I do not know how that will effect Europe But I am sure it will,
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It is a total shame what these "leaders" are doing to their people. The people of Syria need assistance.
(conspiracy deleted)
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Lol, almost forgot about conspiracies. It's been some time since one of them wrote something on Eupedia, along these lines.

Let's rehearse it again:
1. Most families in middle East still live on 2 dollars a day budget. Most of it went towards food.
2. In last tree years food prices when sharply up, with rice doubling in price. This coincides with global recession and ever growing earth population, with middle east being one of fastest growing regions.
3. Hunger is a main cause of revolutions and civil unrests. It's documented through history of human kind.
4. All these countries where under dictatorships, often strongly controlled oppressive regimes. Many members of opposition, religious sects and tribes (not related to dictators) were locked, tortured and killed.
5. Hunger started revolutions, the animosity to dictators and need for freedom kept fire going.

These simple facts can explain why these revolutions happen. We don't need conspiracy to make sense out of them.

Off course there is some politics going, family connections, interests, money, etc. But in this situation they mean nothing. These things can't stop millions of hungry, angry and desperate people.
Well, I reflected that my "conspiracies" will not make any difference here and I don't want to start a discussion about it.

Those who want so see, just have to look for information, that is available in the Web.

Suffice to say, that what many people think about the theme, differs 180 degrees (or even went to an imaginary axis :D... that much I am talking about) to what Western mass media says.


Why do you care?

Because that will reflect, sooner or later, in many trends of international politics.

Reflect in what you are doing boys.

There is such thing like "Karma".
It is a total shame what these "leaders" are doing to their people. The people of Syria need assistance.

I would say the government of Syria needs assistance first. As far as I know they still have an embargo of EU. What was told as "assistance of Syrian people" turned out to be assistance for terrorists and foreign mercenaries to throw Syria into chaos.

Your post is from beginning of 2012. I guess now you also see clearer, right?

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