Politics Are American politicians ruining their country?

The greatest existential threat to the United States is the enemy-underclass that literally, physically destroys the country from within. From the degeneration of neighborhoods, and values, to the riots, destruction, random violence, murders, and lootings.

I would also add
a) the ruling class that enables them (i.e. the neoliberal establishment),
b) woke, coastal, elite-educated progressives who go into debt slavery from useless degrees and astronomical rents and drag the country down with them by enabling the worst elements, criminality, ethnocultural separatism, anti-American and anti-Western sentiment that benefits Russia and China, just because they want to be anti-establishment,
c) the lazy, greedy, obese, uneducated, selfish voters who care nothing about the state of the world or country beyond their towns (i.e. Trump supporters).

To be honest Jovialis I share a lot of your laments about this country. It's like half the country wants to go to some college where they learn useless corporatized postmodern BS geared for DEI initiatives, get a useless job, and live in a shoebox apartment in an overrated trendy neighborhood, with nothing more on the horizon. The other half goes to trade school or some enormous state school, gets the most parochial education, gets married and has kids immediately thereafter, lives in a ranch house, and never leaves their small town or explores the rest of the world. It's a minute fraction of a percentage that has picture-perfect lives, lavish parties, and gets to flit across the Atlantic whenever they feel like it. The American Dream is beyond most people, but I don't even know how many of my countrymen even want it. We were given such great opportunities, and we blew it. I really don't know how we could get out of this.
I believe America is governed with more common sense then Europe.
However the most loyal voters of Trump, who truly believe all the stories Trump tells them lack common sense.

Democracy is claimed to be the least harmful system, however it gives a lot of power to the stupid.

Trump voters represent a intellectual underclass. The progressives who overestimate their own intelligence are barely any better than the Trump voters they look down upon; it's just they trust 'very smart people' more blindly. The point may be trite especially on here but as an American who has been to Europe plenty of times, Western Europe genuinely does have better quality of life than us, because of infrastructure, healthcare, and education. The main way I feel the US is better is that we have a stronger current of anti-elitism, democratic entitlement, and reluctance to blindly follow 'experts'. We are more hostile to technocracy. But that's only relevant when people actually have an awareness of the world around them, and unfortunately, a lot of the selfish and provincial people here only get riled up over a few choice issues that make them easy to manipulate. I will say we don't have a lot of the same cultural problems with immigration you have in Europe.

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