Are there any tests that also do karyotyping/chromosome counting?


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I am interested in receiving ancestry/admixture information, but I would also like genetic testing for health purposes. In particular, I would like to be screened for the kind of obvious chromosomal abnormalities that would show up in a karyotype (and could perhaps be detected by even more basic testing). I'm 99% sure I don't have any problems, but I'm a worrier :embarasse

I thought that a DNA test could be a way to kill two bird with one stone. I like 23anMe, but it appears that their testing is strictly SNP genotyping. Is this standard as far as commercially available tests go? Are there any tests out there that both provide admixture information and count your chromosomes? Or are there at least any that provide the kind of raw data that a third party could look at in order to screen for chromosomal abnormalities?

If the answer is no, what is the most affordable karyotype/chromosome counting service?

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