K12 Autosomal map : European admixture (from Dodecad)

Three years is an eon in the field of population genetics. See Lazaridis et al:

This is the supplement, which is just as important:

Gamba et al is also very important:

Skoglund et al 2012

Papers which should be out shortly will also refine our understanding of the population migrations which led to the creation of the "Europeans".
Not I have a inferior complex you are simply too mentally challenged to understand that a North European Russian is in the average Eye more European looking than anyone from the Mediterranean are you denying this? You are the only person here who tries to prove how even more European they are than Austrians or Germans. I am simply saying What is more European is based on the definition. The average Person would any day consider a Moldavian more European looking than a Spaniard or other Mediterraneans even though Moldavians are more West Asian.
You study taxonomy or what?
Autosomal map European admixture from Dodecad

No. It was not a going AWOL. They took their rifles away.I agree. Pretty much every government in the world would have reacted in the same way.

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