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One interesting detail about Basques, the only people that preserve relative old languages indigenous to Europe,
Is that they have a lot more I2(Native) than G2(Inmigrant agriculturalist).
Among Western European men the I2:G haplogroups ratio is way more 'equilibrated'.

But for some reason among Basques I2a1 is a lineage of men that is way "overepresented", and thus, seems to have been almost ABSOLUTE among pre-Indoeuropean 'proto-Basques'.
I say this because in 8000-4000BP Europe, I2 and G were pretty much the only Y-DNA you could be, so it's likely that this is a founder effect with only I2 and not much of any other haplogroup.

All of this leads us to the next conclussion, and is that among the ancestors of Basque people, I2 natives played a more prominent role in resisting the conquest of Europe, in contrast with the rest of the WHG peoples(with the exception of Balcanics).

In fact, it's likely rather than being ruled, they could have managed to stay independent until the opportunity to form tribes that could master agriculture independently appeared.

This means that Basques rather than preserving Neolithic/Chalcolithic genetic, cultural... elements, they could even be Paleolithic/Mesolithic.
Adding evidence to that... Here's haplogroup U5, almost the same amount as in Belarus, Lithuania.

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And thus, there's a strong possibility that EUSKARA, maybe not entirely, but to a great extent in some linguistic elements, is a renmant of the languages that Europeans used BEFORE they figured out how to cultivate large scale crops, live in 'big' settlements and WRITE.

As well as the blood group Rh-, it may have appeared within this people.


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