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I am Genetic researcher at local La Jolla, CA based company Progenesis a leading genetic testing center using latest next generation sequencing technology for diagnosis and screening.
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If my purpose is to know my ancestry composition best, which test should I buy? I know that Ftdna and Geno 2.0 are the best companies for haplogroups. But what about ancestry composition?
23 and me seems to make mistakes in ancestry compositions. There's a guy I know who's 1/4 German and his percentage of "French and German" is very low. Another guy is 1/2 Sardinian and his percentage of "Sardinian" is low again. Why these mistakes? Is 23and Me ancestry composition reliable?
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Genebase is by far the worse. Complete waste of money. I'd go with FTDNA.
FTDNA, 23andme and Ancestry DNA all have their own pros and cons.

FTDNA has a great Family Finder. What I like best about this is the "in common" feature. Most of the people in the Family finder data bank provide their first and last names.

23andme gives provides BOTH your Y and mt haplogroup at no extra charge. They also have a great Ancestry Composition feature. The medical information is a nice extra added bonus.

Ancestry DNA members more often than not have detailed family trees in which you can often find out how you are related to them. If you have a decent family tree, they will give you a list of people who share an exact ancestor. It will provide a detailed chart on how you are related to that person.

FTDNA charges extra for Y and mt DNA tests.Their My Origins feature doesn't seem as accurate as 23andme. They used to have gedcom family trees, but they just had to change that and use a newer system that just isn't as good.

23andme allow people to be anonymous on the Relative Finder data bank. I have to ask people to accept my introduction and "share genomes" often times I do this just to find out their first and last names which should be there to begin with.

Ancestry DNA has a match list that is hard to navigate in the way that it is very difficult to access the back pages of your list. A lotof your matches are anonymous.

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