Best sandwich shop in Florence?


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Best sandwich shop in Florence???

la Puccia, Best Sandwich ever :)

On every level this is too much...Sicilia. :)

I'm a simple woman. Give me a porchetta sandwich with good bread, or crusty focaccia with just a slice or two of mortadella or our local salami and some cheese, and I'm happy.

I don't like when there's too many ingredients. More than three confuses the palate, imo.

But hey, they're not asking me. :) How anyone could possibly eat even half of one of those sandwiches is beyond me.

More my speed...focaccia sandwich


Or with panigacci...split it open, smear with stracchino or other soft cheese, and then one with coppa, one with lardo di colonnata, one with prosciutto, and I'm happy. My favorite places are in Podenzana across the river from me.


Or, best of all, with salty deep fried bread...sgabei. OMG. I could just eat two baskets of the bread and I'd be happy.


If they come in the long sticks you could easily make an actual sandwich. I had one once with speck, porcini mushrooms and I forget the cheese. Delicious.

My mother made panigacci at home in the fireplace; brought the clay forms all the way from Italy. They weighed a ton! She would make sgabei extremely rarely because she said the deep frying made them unhealthy. Who cares, I say. :)
Give me some crusty bread, Jamon Ibirico, some Calabrian Pecorino or Greek Kasseri or some Gruyere and couple of slices of real tomato and you can steal my soul.
This place looks awesome. Hope to visit one day. Italian sandwich shops are one of my favorite genres of food.

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