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Supposedly something called the "Biology of Genomes titles" has been announced and includes a couple of subjects such as:

  • Population structure in African-Americans
  • Contrasting patterns in the high-resolution variation of uniparental markers in European populations highlight very recent male-specific expansions
  • Is Sanger sequencing still a gold standard?
  • The time and place of European gene flow into Ashkenazi Jews
  • 65,222 whole genome haplotypes from the Haplotype Reference Consortium and efficient algorithms to use them
  • The expansion of human populations out of Africa might have led to the progressive build-up of a recessive mutation load
  • An early modern human with a recent Neandertal ancestor
  • Great ape Y chromosome diversity reflects social structure and sex-biased behaviours
  • Theoretical analysis indicates human genome is not a blueprint but a storage of genes, and human oocytes have an instruction
  • Modeling population size changes leads to accurate inference of sex-biased demographic events
  • Exploring population structure through large pedigrees
  • Better, faster, stronger—Mixed models and PCA in the year 2015
  • Denisovan ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American populations
  • Measuring the rate and heritability of aging in Sardinians using pattern recognition
  • Dog diversity is shaped by a Central Asian origin followed by geographical isolation and admixture
  • Comparative analysis of the Y chromosome genomes of greater apes
  • Genomic analysis of ‘Paleoamerican relicts’ reveals close ancestry with Native Americans
  • Analysis of genetic history of Siberian and Northeastern European populations
Is this something new or rather a review of studies already published?

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