Boston Dynamics Tests Chat GPT on Spot Robot

It is interesting, because when I was younger, I used to play music with my friends, and we formed a lot of bands. We also played around with a keyboard and synthesizer.

Using AI to generate a novel is somewhat comparable to creating music with a synthesizer. It is automated, but you need to piece it together.

You can also use ChatGPT to generate music. It takes some time and many tries to produce something meaningful and you have to put the pieces together, just like in the novel. Imagine asking ChatGPT to create not only the novel, but also the music :)
Boston Dynamics robot dogs are designed to perform automated tasks on a daily basis.

What happens when you combine the popular chatbot with Spot from Boston Dynamics? A team of AI experts decided to test the idea in a new project.
They used a language model like Chat GPT to improve Spot's natural language processing capabilities, to better understand and respond to spoken commands from humans.
This could potentially lead to job displacement in some sectors, as a robot like Spot with advanced natural language processing capabilities can perform certain tasks that were previously done by humans.
The integration of a language model like Chat GPT with Boston Dynamics' robot dogs, such as Spot, is an intriguing project that showcases the potential for advancing natural language processing capabilities in automation.
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