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Hi all, On my paternal side I am primarily British and Danish/Norwegian. How could I be J2.
Post your Ancestry results.
Y haplogroups, don’t necessarily prove or disprove Ethnicity, and they lack autosomal data.
Roman Soldiers from all over the Empire were stations in Britannia and more.
Other possibilities exist too.
I’m not an expert, but this much I Know.
Good Luck.
Hi, Gunner. The answers to your question are probably on Maciamo's J2 page. I am no expert, but apparently, there are 2 possible explanations to how you came to be J2 :

1) There were a few J2 men among the (massively R1) people who came west from the Pontic steppe during the Bronze Age. Your distant ancestor may have been one of those. Caucasus Hunter-Gatherers (Kotias Cave, Satsurblia) were J2, and their genetic contribution to the Yamna genome stood somewhere above 40%. A few CHG men were probably assimilated by their northern neighbours and moved along. This would explain the presence of J2 both in Scandinavia (Denmark 3%) and in Britain (3.5%).

2) The other option is the Romans. When Italic tribes settled in what was to be Italy, they brought with them their own Indo-European J2 (close to those mentioned in option 1 above). But by that time, there were already a lot of other J2 in Italy. Some had sailed from Minoan Crete/Southern Greece to southern Italy and Sicily much earlier on. And then Etruscans, too, had migrated, probably from Anatolia, to Tuscany. Rome incorporated all those J2 men as the Empire extended. Then the Roman Legions spread the haplogroup to the territories conquered, including Britain.

A third option might be through the Norman conquest. One of William's French soldiers might have carried the Roman-derived J2 haplo.

Anyway, it will be difficult for you to sort it out until you test further and find out what your subclade is. That done, you can take a look at the J2 phylogenic tree, and get extra clues.

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