Bronze Age mtDNA from South Bavaria

About strontium and migrants, this 2004 paper is good a read (Strontium Isotopes and Prehistoric Human Migration: The Bell Beaker Period in Central Europe)

from 81 Bell Beaker samples taken from the Czech Republic, Bavaria, Austria and Hungary, the non-locals were kids, males and females, without a real difference by sex or age (see tables 4 and 5), the migrants could be a 62% (and it's allways possible that the locals were in fact second generation migrants). In Hungary all beakers were migrants.

The place of origin of migrants is unknown as there are different strontium areas in the Danube bassin, but they would come from a mountain area; a pity that the authors have not thought about the possible consequences of transhumance. In whichever case such levels of migration are a good case to understand the actual Central European Y-DNA and mtDNA ratios.
Looks at William the Conqueror, Father line from the elite Viking warrior , mother was from french popular social layer. What language did he talk? answer: French, all these Normans did not understand even a Nordic word. All talked the local French of that time. How do you explain that? I think examples like that are numerous. And I believe the Frank nobles lost their Germanic roots in France by the same mechanism in few generations, exactly the same story as the English language.

just to push the nail deeper: I leard Rollo (in fact Hrolfr: "Raoul", "Rodolphe", "Ralph") married certainly a woman of French nobility (someones spoke of a Celt woman from the Isles but it's less serious) - his descendants continued on the same way in France, so it is not so astonishing to see them leaving their earlier norse language! I red someones considered William the Bastard was a descendant of Rollo, I do'nt know if it's true...

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