C-M48 originated from Amur River Region?


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''From a paternal perspective, Tungusic speakers are associated with the Y chromosomal haplogroup C3-M217. The haplogroup C3c-M48 is prevalent in Evenki and Even, as well as in other Tungusic-speaking populations in the Amur River Basin, including Oroqen, Olcha, Negidal, Udehe and Nanai with frequencies ranging from about 20% to even 100%. The C3-M217 type also reaches high frequencies in populations surrounding the Amur River Basin, such as Nivkh (38%) and Ainu (12.5–25%) (Wei 2011). The current geographic and genetic diversity distribution pattern suggests that the dispersal of Y chromosomal haplogroup C3-M217 was most likely associated with Tungusic-related population expansion from the Amur River.''

''Therefore, our genetic findings suggest that the Tungusic-related Amur ancestry distributed in a vast region from the Russian Far East to Lake Baikal. The ancient Devil's Gate population seems to be an unadmixed form of this type of ancestry, which tends to support the larger Amur River region as the ancestral homeland for present-day Tungusic-speaking populations.''


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