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Y-DNA haplogroup
As a result of additional information now showing on the in the MC14 SNP area, more details are now showing - which have enabled me to make an initial BIG Y analysis - to help us sort out which Cameron "stall" on the is which Cameron sub-clan branch.

I have put a diagram and associated analysis on my website:

to start the discussion. It is open to change. WE NEED MORE CAMERON MEN TO TAKE THE BIG Y TEST .... so then even more SNP details will magically show up on the YTREE.NET - and we will be able to further discern which Cameron is say a LOCHIEL, CALLART, GLENNEVIS etc .... something that has had us all bricked wall re our family trees for centuries.

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Brad Michael Little
Does David Cameron belong to that Clan Cameron?
I do not know ..... there is a very good chance that ex-Prime Minister David Cameron also doesn't know. He'll need to take the BIG Y test.

Brad Michael Little
The Cameron Analysis has been updated to v2:

thanks to the wonders of the BIG Y test. Increasing the number of testers from 5 to 11 has significantly improved the resolution of the Cameron Tree - courtesy of ..... if (and when) it jumps to 22, then I hope that most of the Cameron tree branches will have been revealed and confirmed.

Brad Michael Little
The origins of the Clan Cameron is still an open question. However the newly released Appendix 3-Cameron and McPhee Ancestral Analysis now sheds more light on the topic, based on the latest DNA SNP analysis.

This Appendix 3:
a. provides an improved SNP assignment of the various Cameron Clan sub-groups;
b. proposes that Clan Cameron descend from Clan McPhee;
c. proposes the increased probability that Clan Cameron and Clan McPhee are the descendants of King Alpin of Scotland b. ~780 AD whose SNP could be A7298 / 19642958-T-G, ; and
d. most importantly provides a clear path of future DNA testing that if the results of further DNA tests align with the data in the Appendix, would show that Clan Cameron, Clan McPhee, Clan McNab and other Scottish Highland clans are indeed descendants of King Alpin of Scotland.

Appendix 3 is still draft, and as more DNA test results come in, can be updated to reflect the latest information.

Brad Michael Little

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