Can someone explain to me how to use Vahaduo?

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I can´t seems to grasp how to convert or use the site correctly.
Would be really great if someone would explain to me how to use it.

If all fails maybe someone can converte for me and send a pic of the results.

Thanks you!
Upload your raw data to, then in free tools, go to Admixure heritage, Eurogenes, Eurogenes k36, and get you results.

THen you copy paste your percentages into this site,, like you see in example, to get G25 scaled.
You save your results into txt, and this is your G25 scaled you use in target on vahaduo, you can change your first words before first komma, to match your name.
Then you just use different sources you see on the net by copy paste them into source in Vahaduo, and get your results from distance and single tabs.
Thank you very much!

Which source would you recommend for a Croat? Or which one gives the most accurate results? (if there is any)
So i have tried some sources on the web and it gives me errors and i can´t seem to run them.
But when i use the calculators on a french site then it works. But the website doesn´t have those sources that are useful for Croats :unhappy::unsure:.
Btw it is that french website that you have send me
You must be doing something wrong

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