Casoni-a harsh land between the Lunigiana and LaSpezia


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It's a documentary in Italian but with English subtitles.

These are the places tourists and not even most modern Italians go, but I am both intrigued and full of admiration for people who have made a decision to cling to the rural life of their ancestors even in harsh lands because it ties them to the earth and to existence itself in ways our modern lifestyles don't permit.

A hike or horseback ride through these trails is worth it not just because of the vistas and the air, but because of the food served. It's extraordinary.

This documentary brings back so many memories of life on my great uncle's farm, although he farmed much further down the mountains and so had numerous orchards, vineyards, olive trees etc. Still, the work was the same. These people also look so much like my mother's family, particularly that low bridged, straight nose with the broad bottom which in local dialect was a "French" nose. Who knows where it came from, but it's common especially in the highlands of Liguria and the Lunigiana.


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