Central-South Italian Ethnogenesis around 240 BC?

240BC is a very reasonable time frame for central Italy to experience its transition to a S. Italian like genetic profile. I too view the end of the Pyrrhic war and the first Punic war as probably the two major hallmarks of when this process began. Because of how encompassing we see this phenomenon by the early empire it almost certainly started several hundred years prior to the Augustinian era. This is also the beginning of S. Italian Romanization and deep integration through the Socii system + Roman Veteran colonnies which are set up in Southern Italy. In my opinion, this genetic transition will see its conclusion by the end of the Social war (87BC) when all Southern Italians gain citizenship.

Now as for the existence of the C6 cluster, I think this is mostly a Magna Graecian phenomeon which I've mentioned in the past. Greek colonization and demography during this timeframe was enormous based off the scale of their cities. From what I can tell, prior to this southern Italian populations had some aegean influence in the bronze age but not enough to be totally modern. It will probably sharply increase to modern levels starting during the Greek archaic age and we already begin to see several modern profiles in Himera and also other leaked studies. I'm sure you know my stance on this topic by this point, of course.

So yes, I basically see it as an internal migration phenomenon at this point. The Southern Italian Genetic profile has its origins in the Bronze age Aegean and the Northern Italic profile has its origins in the Bronze age Carpathian Basin/Northern Adriatic. 97-98% of Italians today cluster in or between these two points.
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