Clandestine frogs on the rise !


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Here are 2 recent articles concerning our amphibian friends who are apparently in need of overseas holidays :

Live frog found in airline meal

An airline passenger received a shock when she found a frog in her in-flight meal, New Zealand authorities say.
The 4cm (1.6-inch) whistling tree frog had stowed away in a salad on a Qantas flight from Melbourne to Wellington.

Rare frog survives epic boat trip

One of the world's rarest frogs has survived a 4,000-mile journey in the refrigerated hull of a banana ship - eventually finding safety at a UK port.
The 1.5-inch Caribbean frog turned up in Portsmouth after its voyage from Jamaica on the MV Prince of Tides.

Also, notice the difference of treatment between the British and New Zealander "immigration authorities". While the British rescued the frog, gave her a name and took good care of it, the Kiwi just executed it cold-bloodedly.

English case :
Rescuers at Portsmouth's Blue Reef Aquarium named the finger-sized West Indian tree frog Lara after West Indies Cricket team captain Brian Lara.
"When it arrived it was in a poor condition but it has gradually been improving and is now eating on its own."

New Zealand's case :
The attendant removed the salad and the frog, which was killed by quarantine staff when the aircraft landed.
Hah, very interesting though I would freak out if a frog was in my flight meal!
Hahaha it's hard to predict ^^
You never know how you'd react if some frog jumps on your face when you open your fridge :p
That article, IMHO, is an example of the fine line between disgust and delicacy. :blush:
I think it's

a sad thing to kill an animal that can't help it that it has wandered off and became stuck in a refridgerator...Why do people always have an urge for killing innocent creatures... :(

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