Clubbing Brixton


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Went to a club in brixton to a show in december... was very wild.

UK knows how to throw DJ shows(y)
anyone else got any stories of clubbing in the UK? hot spots and the like
I have no idea about the Clubbing Brixton, I never heard about it before, But want to know, Anyone is there who will like to give me little information about it???
Yeah I want to know about it. I am very curious to get information about it. But at that time I can't find any type of it. Hope so get will soon.
Brixton is a beautiful destination for travelling point of view. I have been visited there at once in my life when 'i was visited in London. that time I have visited this beautiful district of London. It is a greater city in 35 major centres of London.
I agreee, I have already mentioned here how good is UK's clubbing, one of best in the world. Had more fun only in Thailand and Indonesia so far, but it's due to obvious reasons :)

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