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I've been binge watching all the complete episodes on youtube. I think they're just great.

Cannavacciuolo is, as always, imo, an absolute Neapolitan teddy bear of a man with a heart as huge as his body, and with wonderful people skills as well as being a genius in the kitchen.

Chefs in general are notoriously mercurial in the kitchen because of the stress, and when they're Italian on top of it, a people not known for their patience or calm under stress, well, the results are often both horrifying and hilarious. In most episodes I'm aghast that these people would ever think they could run a successful restaurant, ESPECIALLY if one of the owners isn't a chef.

Maybe I particularly enjoy it because two of my uncles were restaurant owners/chefs, and I worked in their restaurants for a lot of summers in order to help pay for university, but honestly I would recommend it for anyone who can understand even a bit of Italian.


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