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Mass arrests at US peace demo

Have you noticed that demonstrators around the world outnumbered US troops somrthing like 100-1. I was surprised by the relative small number of troops involved : 250.000, among which 25.000 British and 2000 Australians.

When I see that there were about 1 to 2 million people in the streets of Rome and London a few weeks ago, and today hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in hundreds of cities around the world, I Imagine that these people could easily overthrow the US government (with the army being away from home).

Bush is considered by millions as a war criminal. I wouldn't been surprised if a coalition of nations ask for his extradition and judgment after he steps down as president. It's probably too soon now, but what about in 10 or 20 years ? How is that possible that he hasn't been assassinated yet, when better presidents like JFK or Lincoln were. That would be easy in a country that allows its citizens to carry guns.

I am not suggesting it should be done, just wondering...
Mass arrests at US peace demo

That headline has got a serious communist feel to it.

I suppose the people against Bush would rather uphold peace, so resorting to violence by means of an assasination is probably not their style.
It is also satisfying to know that a vast majority of the population in countries that belong to the "coalition of the willing" (UK, Australia, Japan etc.) oppose military action. Blair is a goner, he needed the support of the conservative opposition to get his OK from parliament. These people act against the outspoken will of the those who gave them their legitimacy to govern.

US Lawyers Warn Bush on War Crimes


Btw, in the US people were arrested in shopping centers, because the were wearing anti-war T-shirts. That's what I call "communist feel".
It's time to fight for democracy.
True. It is time to view democracy as something that's not granted (despite the fact that it's guaranteed in nearly every constitution on earth).
mdchachi said:
What are you suggesting? That we attack Iraq, North Korea, etc. and install democratically elected governments?

I was suggesting that Western governments listen to the people who elected them or fall.

Now, I am not sure if that has anything to do with the US since I've just read that 2/3 of the Americans supported the war. Of course these figures could be propaganda. Have you noticed the striking difference of tone between news reports in the US and in the rest of the world ? CNN boost that Americans have the strongest army and best technology (no big news, when the US are more than 10 times more populous than Iraq and about 1000 times richer in GDP terms), why anywhere else they talk about the humanitarian condition, the casualities and so on. Japan tends to stay rather neutral, but its shows stats like 90% of the people in the world ar against war or interview only people that are unfavourable to war (including in the US).

Of course, media are there to brainwash and manipulate the people, but American propaganda at home seems to be a big state-run business in this second Gulf War.

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