Did amcient Civilizations knew about DNA?


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the bellow thread is not a scientific
but the coincidence of the written with the modern discoveries are many.

HOMER Odyssee rapsody κ
has anybody ever read it?

in a summary of a rapsody is the known case of Kirke wizzard
something like Dr Monroe's Island

but lets see
Kirk lives in animal where all man are turn to animals (Dr monroe Island!!!)

Kirk has a son with Odysseus named Tele-gonos (far away seed, sperm from far away?)

now lets enter more

ΚΙΡΚΗ ιν latin Circe (Circle??) also simmilar to Greek Κηρυκειον
Κυρηκειον is the Hermes staff which is also symbol of medicine (the 2 snakes that are tied like DNA chains)

Kirke is described as πολυφαρμακος ποτνια καλλιπλοκαμοιος ευπλοκαμος
multimedicine respectable nice pigtails (nice tentacles!!!!!) but ευπλοκαμος ??? can not be combined with hair, but more to elastic tentancles !!!!
(octopus feet is Πλοκαμος)
Kirke had 4 αμφιπολους 4 helpers (but also something like faces, forms 4 circle centers which combined by 2)
αμφι + πολος (compare αμφι-βιο) any connections with 4 basic?

the above all can be just imaginary but what about the division

Odysseus divides his man to 2 teams, each team 23 person, so each person has its 'brother' in the other team
(2*23 !!!) (μειωσις and μιτωσις, meiosis mitosis) both going to same place Kirke's palace

the interesting in rapsody is that godess Athena is not giving the cure to Odysseus cause she can't but the Hermes !!! the owner of Κηρυκειο (Caduceus)

I admit I don't have the spiritual rights of the above



Kirke lives in a palace on isolated, natural fortified island (nucleus of a cell , πυρην?? )
Kirk has nice tentacles
Kirk can be the meaning of Caduceus
kirk has 4 helpers which always compine by 2 (known 4 basic)
in order a man to enter her palace gets division (meiosis) (2*23)
ot eats Μωλυ Plant given by the owner of Caduceus
Moly plant is propably Black Helleboros ( paralayzes) of Corsica

something simmilar we also find in a Orphic Hymn about τηε 3 Μοιρες ( 3 Fates)
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Whereas I don't think that the Greeks encoded DNA information into their myths, the coincidences are interesting enough to make one think. Very interesting. Cool stuff!

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