Did/does your school rank students by results ?


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I often see in American movies and series or Japanese anime that exam results for all students are displayed on billboards and ordered by scores, from the best student to the last one. There has never been such a system in my school years, except at university. In fact results were generally handed directly from the teacher(s) to the student, so that other students would not know their results for the sake of privacy.

Privacy was very important in that regard. Too good students would be dismissed as "intello" (French pejorative slang for someone who studies a lot, similar to "geek" or "nerd" but about studies, not technology), while too bad students would just be thought of as mental retards.

However I can understand that results are displayed publicly and students ranked, as it boosts competition and encourages students to perform better.

Which system do you think is better ?
I've never seen it in all my years when I was at school. Idon't know if they do it now, but I have never heard of it. I think that it is a bad idea. It will make those you think they are stupid look stupid to everyone else and cause low self-esteem, something that when you are working with children you are told several times not to do. It could also cause bulling for those children who get the higer results.
Actually we have ranked students by GPA for decades and it is on the transcripts, but I have never, ever heard of it being posted publicly. They also have testing rankings, but again-- never posted publicly.

In California however, Schools are given a ranking based mostly on test scores and it is published and available online. Every school is given a score from about 400-1000 and ranked against similar schools and every school has to publish an accountability report card.
Our school singled out the top 20 GPA students, into which I managed to squeeze, and gave them their own page in the yearbook. We got a special sash for graduation, and it felt nice to be recognized for getting good grades, if not for being better students. Aside from that, nothing was ever made public, nor do I recall a rank even being listed on a regular report card. Like Sabro says, they are listed on transcripts.

Personally, I think making it public encourages intellectual segregation and singling out, much in the thread of what Maciamo said. It just seems unnecessary.
Our school or can say our country's school often do like that, all of us don't like this style to show our score.

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