DNA sample and Bioterrrorism ?


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I everybody !

I was thinking of something for a few times, it is not dangerous all thoses DNA samples and testings, i saw that certain companies like 23andMe and / or FamTree do also some health issues testing... Do you never have been afraid of the bad uses of your results ? Like, if a group of hackers, dispose of a large sample of results and then see that ~50% of the sample of an certain ethnic group disposed of the same genetic health issue, like for exemple, cardiac issues and create an biological weapons for target people with this specific health issues. Like imagine my twisted theory, Ashkenazy people are known for have, certainly with founder effects and endogamy, some genetic health issues, imagine that Israel have now a lot of Ashkenazy people, and then that someone like a Bioterrorist knows how to do a very easy genocidal weapon, with some DNA samples... I know my idea can be very extremist, but think about it, if someone can for a way or another, use against yourself, your DNA sample result.
sorry, I think you should write a thriller novel

Or an action Movie for that matter. The Health data is to be taken by a large pinch of salt.

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