Do the Hakkas run China?


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For those who don't know:

Hakkas-from Wiki

"It is commonly believed that Hakka people have their origins in several episodes of migration from northern China into southern China during periods of war and civil unrest[8] dating back as far as the end of Western Jin.[9] The forebears of the Hakka came from present-day Central Plains provinces of Henan and Shaanxi, and brought with them features of Chinese varieties spoken in those areas during that time. (Since then, the speech in those regions has evolved into dialects of modern Mandarin). The presence of many archaic features occur in modern Hakka, including final consonants -p -t -k, as are found in other modern southern Chinese varieties, but which have been lost in Mandarin."

I knew that much, and that they were poor, good soldiers, and that they didn't bind the feet of their women, who worked in the fields as much as the men, but I didn't know how prominent they became in terms of national politics under the Communists, and thus political power.

"The Secret History of the Hakkas: The Chinese Revolution As A Hakka Enterprise".

I had no clue:
"In 1984, half the Standing Committee of the Politburo were Hakka, and the People's Republic and Singapore both had Hakka leaders, Deng Xiaoping and Lee Kwan Yew, joined by Taiwan's President Lee Teng-Hui in 1988."

The route of the Long March was determined by Hakka settlements.

""In the early 20th century Hakka poverty made land reform worth fighting for at precisely the moment when socialist organizers desperately needed the traditional Hakka strengths: mobility, military prowess, strong women and a strategically-useful common language."
It appears Xi Jinping, good old Chairman Pooh, is from Shaanxi proper ancestrally and not a Hakka. His family is from Fuping County, not too far from the ancient Chinese capital of Xi'an.
I just looked out, and I found that the Hakkas are majority R derived B & F haplogroups.
And I recently write a post about R, and I mentioned B appearing in the Tianyuan man.
While today exists in the southern parts of the country, the Phillipines, Peru, Vietnam.

Is it me, or the history of this haplogroup comes very much from the north of the country.

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