Dodecad dodecad admixture components and the phenotypes connected to them among Kurds.

Blanco: Yes, maybe that's why Ashkenazim have such high rate of light hair, eyes compared their Autosomal DNA which would suggest a more stronger Near Eastern characteristic

Your personal experiences can't be representative for all Italians or i don't know what ethnicity you belong to.
My Italian ancestors were as dark as some Aussies thought that they came from the Middle East.

My family tree on my father's side goes back on all lines to the mid 1500s, all in the Apennines of Emilia. On some lines I can trace ancestors back to the 1300s. In his family if you didn't have red hair, you had blonde or light brown hair or chestnut hair. I don't think there's a dark eyed person in the entire village. My mother's family comes from the Lunigiana, which is politically northwestern Toscana, and eastern Liguria. I can trace most of those lines back to the mid-1500s as well, although on some I'm only getting back to the 17-1800s. They're not as uniformly fair, but they're certainly not all dark. Is that Italian enough for you?

I don't know what Italian "relatives" you might have. You're flying the Australian flag but posting from the Netherlands. Fix it.

Since that is incorrect, why would I believe your description of your ethnicity?

Everything is on a cline in Italy, including pigmentation. Blonde hair in Italy:

The above was based on young men of military age at the turn of the century. Women are fairer.

Light eyes from Toscana north are at about 30%, and in some areas are 40%. Italians don't normally look like Scandinavians, but not everyone in Italy looks the same. Indeed, there is internal variation everywhere, including in the south. My husband's maternal grandmother was blonde and blue eyed. It makes sense, since she was from Benevento.

From what I've read, the Italians who went to Australia, like the Italians who went to the U.S., were mostly from southern Italy, 80-90% in the case of the U.S. The Sicilian and Calabrian contingent is particularly large. Australians, like Americans, may have formed their mental image of "Italians" in general from these people. Not that there's anything wrong with the way southern Italians look. I'm very partial to it as a matter of fact, so partial I married one.

You clearly have very little experience with Ashkenazim since you can't even recognize pictures of Hassids when you see them. The percentage of light eyed, light haired full Ashkenazim is exceedingly small. In all the years of going to Orthodox functions I've only ever seen a handful. If you want your opinions to be given any credence, I suggest you back them up with data given that your experience is clearly limited.

I suggested that you go to the Red Hair map here, but apparently you didn't.

The levels in northern Italy for red hair are about 1-3%. Even areas very associated with red hair don't have more than 5-10%. Isolated groups like those in mountain areas preserve recessive genes better, as I've said. Half of the family is red haired, ranging from carrot orange to auburn.
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