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Earth Hour has passed. The point is to make people aware of environmental issues and energy. Reading Swedish forums and posts there are a lot of angry climate change deniers posting that they are going to turn on extra lamps just for spite. These guys are often kind of upset but this event seem to have set them off especially. I wonder why so much anger.

How do you feel about the Earth Hour and how do you experience opinion around you and in your country?
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What hour?! I'm doing this all my life. :).., though I'm anxiously waiting for global warming here in Canada. :))
I'm ok with cookies, just leave me my sausages. hehe
When it comes to saving energy or anything useful, it comes easy to me. I was born with "saving" gene, or anti-waste agenda. Not sure if it is a blessing, I hope I won't end up with "hording syndrome" in my old years, lol.

On global warming issue, I'm not too sure if we should do anything drastic, spend trillions to small effect, or no effect at all. On top of it it will take few more decades to finally understand complexity of atmosphere and natural climatic changes versus anthropogenic ones.
If I'm right, in about 100 years we will be done burning fossil fuels, ending up with 3 times CO2 level higher than today's. This will increase global temps about 2 degrees C. We'll lose some land to the ocean, but not too much because, richer world in the future, will have more money to build walls ala Holland and take land beck from the sea. Earth will be greener thanks to higher CO2 level (level similar to Green House's level we increase to produce more green food for markets). We'll have more clouds and more rain, more fresh water, fewer deserts. Plus I hope it will be enough to stop next ice age, which is due any moment now. Overall I think it is more beneficial to lose some land to the sea, than lose half NA, Europe and some Asia to ice during 100k years of Ice Age. Besides, during ice age the rest of the world suffers cataclysmic droughts.
Instead I should concentrate our limited resources to combat toxic pollution with better sewer treatment plants, toxic waste disposal (with concentration on developing countries of 4 billion!). We urgently need more and better filters, on mushrooming factories and power-plants in Asia, and their ever faster growing cities. If we don't act now, in 50 years we won't be able to eat all and any sea food, stuffed with mercury and other heavy metals, to levels 10 times today's one being already high.
Judging by your avatar you should understand me well. :)

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