El Aramo mine (Chalcolithic - EBA Asturias) mtDNA and Bell Beakers


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results appear in a work by Montserrat Hervella and Concepcion de-la-Rua "Paleogenetics of Northern Iberian from Neolithic to Chalcolithic Time", from a mine used for burials

The group of El Aramo shows the highest frequency value for haplogroup H (60%), followed by the two Chalcolithic groups of the Iberian Peninsula without BBC, CA_Cantabrian and CA_Iberian (39 and 31.2%, respectively); the lowest frequencies of haplogroup H were found in the BBC-associated groups of the Iberian Peninsula (BBC_Iberian, with 22%) and Central Europe (BBC_CE, with 29%). This frequency distribution of haplogroup H does not support the hypothesis of Brandt et al. [16], who suggest that the BBC was spread from the Iberian Peninsula toward Central Europe by haplogroup H carriers, since the highest frequency values were not found in population associated with the BB culture; moreover, the group of the Iberian Peninsula (BBC_Iberian) has the lowest value (22%) (Figure 2).

interesting, to know which percent "steppe" came with women

The frequency of haplogroup U5b in El Aramo (7%) indicates the persistence of Paleolithic lineages even after the
Neolithic period. The prevalence of this lineage seems to be higher in the Chalcolithic groups of the Iberian Peninsula (16.6% in CA_Iberian and 27.8% in BBC_Iberian) when compared to those of Central Europe (6.3%) (Figure 2).

such link of Iberian BBC with U5b might be checked as to know which geographic justification could have

On the other hand, the distance between the BBC groups of Central Europe and the Iberian Peninsula is due to both the greater persistence of Paleolithic U5 lineages in the BBC_Iberian group and the higher frequency of Neolithic lineages T and J in the BBC_CE group. This differentiation suggests that the relation between these two Chalcolithic
groups (BBC_CE and BBC_Iberian) is only cultural but not genetic, supporting the study [18] about the Beaker phenomenon and genomic data from Europe, who reject the hypothesis that the genetic substrate of the BBC_CE groups came from the BBC_Iberian groups [16].

from the analysis it seems that Iberian BB mtDNA had the least H percent and the highest in U5b
with the recent paper about BB from Olalde, U5b is quite present among Central Iberian Chalcos.

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