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These are my Ancestry results:

Europe 100%
Europe (North and West) 51.9%
Germanic 45.6%

Scandinavia 6.3%

Europe (East) 48.1%
Northeast Europe 44.6%

Finland and Western Russia 3.5%

Living DNA says not o lot about the people of Northeast Europe. There are more informations about Germanic and Scandinavian tribes.
My ancestral hotspot is along the Oder. Is it so, because there live the most people with the same Autosomal DNA or because ther is the border (today)between germanic and slavic people?
My mothers ancstors were Germans from East-Pomerania (since 1945 a part of Germany). I have no known ancestors from Poland, Belarus or Ukraine.
Possibly genetic markers from invaders at the bronze age?
You probably do have some Slavic ancestry from your East German ancestors at some point in time.
Here's my LivingDNA complete sub-regions results.
None of the ancestral DNA tests I have taken are accurate, and all seem to be extremely poor at dissecting ethnicity for highly admixed South European sub-groups.
Zionists would have a fit of denial at my results.

Europe 70.1% Europe (North and West) 37.9%

France 35.8%
Germanic 2.1%
Europe (South) 20.2%
Tuscany 10.3%
South Italy 5.1%
Iberian Peninsula 4.8%
Great Britain and Ireland 9.3%
England and Wales 9.3%
Europe (East) 2.7%
Northeast Europe 2.7%

Near East 28%
Levant 16.6%
Iran 6.4%
North Turkey 3%
South Turkey 2%

Asia (South) 1.9%
Pashtun 1.9%
I suspected that, because the Pomeranians were a slvic tribe. But tere are not only some. There are nearly the half of my DNA. Unfortunately I have no sub-regions like member Joker. There ist only the specification Northeasteurope (Poland, Belarus, Ukraine). Also Living DNA says nothing about the slavs. Only "many peoples traversed this country"
Any idea whats happen with the hotspot at the river Oder between the Baltic Sea and southern border between Poland and Germany?

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