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There is a television series from Canada called History Erased. It shows the way the world would have changed if a certain country had never existed.
Each episode is about a country, Italy, France, China, UK, Germany, USA, Japan, India, Sweden, Korea, Netherlands, Mexico.
Considering only Europe, which countries do you think are fundamental to Western civilization? And that if they didn't exist, the whole history of Europe would be different?
For me the most obvious is of course Italy, without Italy there would have not been no Roman Empire, no Catholic Church, no Renaissance, in short, no Western Civilization.
The second is France. Without France there would not be CharleMagne, no Carolingian Empire, no Carolingian Renaissance, no unification of the majority of western and central Europe. Some historians consider the crowning of CharleMagne as the origin of the Holy Roman Empire, so no Holy Roman Empire. In short, no Europe. And this without considering all the other French achievements.
But and the others. What would be the history of Europe without the United Kingdom, without Germany, without Spain, without the Netherlands, without Denmark, without Sweden...
Without the Iberian Empires (Portugal and Spain) start of the Discoveries, many things would be different in the world, starting with Latin America, the spread of the Christian religion and above all the ensuing Era of European expansion.
At the time, the dominance of the East in commercial terms was under the control of the Ottomans
Without Italy, we probably wouldn't have gotten the start of the Renaissance art, The Four Seasons by Vivaldi and, of course, all the Italian food that the world adores.

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