Immigration Europe: Superiorly Enlightened & Tolerant

mikecash said:
It's all Bush's fault, I suppose.
Not all. If you happen to want to insist on a "If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem." attitude then, with this issue, I'd put Bush on the 'Problem' side.
[EDIT]But, only just marginally and not through intent. (Having done a little checking up).
Miss_apollo7 said:
I do think that he has "something good" in his brains since he went to an "Ivy League" university in the East Coast. He just seems to be very ignorant though.
I am not saying he is stupid, he just looks that way: simply dumb, because of the way he speaks, smiles, looks.... :D :gomen: Bush just looks that way to me. Contrarily, I think highly of his father though..

Is it true that he never had a passport in his life before he became President? Or is it just a rumour? Meaning, he never went abroad in his life before he moved to the White House???

he had never been to a grocery store either!
:shock: :D , no really, i think he truly believes he is doing the right thing, its not some deep seeded evil that ppl make out to be the case, and everyone is shocked when they witness violence, hatred, etc, its nothing new, been happening since the dawn of man. look how many lives have been lost in the name of god, the crusades, etc, over the centuries. i dont like him either, but i cant say that he is "the root of all evil", certainly, when compared to others, he would seem very agreeable. how would any of us liked to have lived under saddam, or stallin, or hitler? its true that i think the iraq war was an excuse to sustain a us presence in the middle east for oil, but if bush hadnt done it, someone would have. the thing im most angry about is the fact that bush still has not attained bin-laden. the fact that the bush family and the bin-laden family were acquaintances, possibly even friends, bothers me. but i dont know the whole story behind that though, so i wont lose any sleep over it....its true, he looks like a beety- eyed poker player :eek:kashii:

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