European Serial Killers

Hmm.. There is not a single western European truck driver that isn't watched by his own company.
They can monitor where trucks go.
Anyone staying in a car, van or truck for a longer period will have a visit from the police.

I think you're exaggerating your story.

The cases you mentioned were very rare.
Areas where social control is bad.
Where old buildings are not very well monitored.

If someone really plans something really bad, he has to do it very clever.
Or it will fail..

There are lots of cases where criminals were taken behind bars, because they did stupid things.

For example a kidnapping, where criminals hired a little house on a camping.
They were discovered a few hours after the kidnapping.

A civilian has to be alert. An omnipotent police force can easily be used for political agenda's.
With right wing governments in Europe, people have more and more distrust for the state, police and justice.

There is way too much attention for non existing terrorists.
Meanwhile there is drugs traffic, and a lively trade in women and girls to get them into prostitution.
And not to forget the weapon trades.

All these things come from outside of the EU.
Hmm.. Not interested in horror.

I wonder where the thin line is between interest and obsession.

If you play with fire, you might burn your fingers.
The same goes for sick behavior.
I once spoke a man who had worked as a psychiatric medic between people with a criminal background,
and he told me he had to quit after 7 years.
He was afraid of getting insane himself.

My brother in law is a police officer, and he also told me how ice cold some criminals can be.
Psychopaths can really give you the shivers. Emotionally very shocking.
My best advise is... Stay out of it.
Reality is more shocking than fiction ever will be.
I know pretty horrific, I watched a documentary recently about how the writer of the Silence of the Lambs spent time with the newly formed behavioral science unit in the FBI researching before he wrote the book. He based his characters on real life serial killers, Ted Bundy and some other guy in the 50's who wanted to become a woman and so skinned his victims to make a kind of suit. OK creepy and repulsive beyond belief, but that’s not the point of this thread.

People like this exist and do what they do, with the travel restrictions between much of Europe now gone they can move freely through different jurisdictions our law enforcement authorities cant. Its all very good saying we are not an unites states of Europe (I can understand that whole heartedly) but the reality on the ground is as far as criminals are concerned we are.
Well.. So what?

Even if there are some madmen running around, we don't want a "Big Brother is Watching You" kind of Europe.
Period. Basta.
Well.. So what?

Even if there are some madmen running around, we don't want a "Big Brother is Watching You" kind of Europe.
Period. Basta.

So What

Mmmmmmmmmm that’s a fairly profound answer, what’s a few hundred murders as opposed to your personal freedoms. I argued with a man once who felt people well mainly him should be allowed drive as fast as they liked where ever they liked and if a few kids were knocked down and killed, well so what, kids die every year why should the nanny state encroach on his civil liberties.

I argued before that I thought the smoking ban in Ireland and well most of Europe was detrimental to personal choice and freedom but I was definitely in the minority.
Do you feel Reinhaert that drink driving laws, gun laws, drug laws are also to repressive ?

Are you fine with your own National laws and just don’t want states colluding in the prevention of crimes, bringing criminals sans frontiers to justice? If our police forces cant cross borders should we consider scrapping the Schengen agreement?

I am new to your forum.

I was looking into the differences between Interpol and Europol. My understanding is that Interpol is responsible for cross-border criminal activity and Europol is related more to intelligence.

Am I correct in this?

If someone were to commit cross border killings, then I assume Interpol would be the organization that would be come involved with local authorities in each country. What Court would take precedent? Would the individual accused of these crimes be charged in the first country and face extradition before then being tried in the second country??

Also, does anyone know - Interpol Officers - do they have their hierarchy or are they part of the federal police with additional powers?

Thank you.

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