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Hello All,

I am new to ancestry research and hope to learn from people with experience on the topic from this forum.

I am an ethnic Georgian (country located in Caucasus region) on both paternal and maternal sides.
Recently completed AncestryDNA and 23andme tests.

Ancestry classified me as 87% Caucasus 10% Italy/Greece and 3% European Jewish.
(No haplogroups given by Ancestry).

23andme classified me as 99.9 middle eastern and 0.1% broadly middle eastern.
(23andme Haplogroups: Paternal is G_L30 and Maternal is W.)

I have uploaded my raw data from both Ancestry and 23andme to MorleyDNA and received an identical haplogroup estimate for both Ancestry and 23andme raw data; specifically, G2a3b1a1b (G-L1266) which is characteristic to modern people of north Caucasus (Georgians, Ossetians, Chechens and Circassians).

Based on my very limited inquiry into this topic, I see that haplogroup G has a significant concentration in Caucasus. What does it take to come to a separate and exclusive designation for Caucasus region without including it with west Asia (Ancestry case) and Middle East (23andmecase)?

Thank you.
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Since no one comes to this forum, i am going to share a secret with you.
Love you with all my heart my brothers and sisters of Caucasus.
Hi, G-L1266 seems the only G2a-L140 branch, which is found mostly outside Europe (sorry, I know Georgians and some other Caucasians think they are a part of Europe, at least they are on Eurovision).
Many people in Bulgaria are looking for the genetic legacy of the old Bulgars, which look very evasive the same way as the old Magyars among contemporary Hungarians. There is a theory G-
L1266 is a part of those Early Medieval migration, it is rare in Europe, but U1, presumably L1266 is found occasionally on the Balkans.


Thank you for your response. Main point of my initial post was to give Caucasus exclusive designation. in other words, I, as a Georgian do not consider myself European, Asian or Middle Eastern, but Caucasian.
Speaking of Caucasian, classification of white race as Caucasian (which is prevalent in US and somewhat in EU) is ambiguous, based on anecdotal theories of German anthropologist Blumenbac.

Why i would I want to be something else when i am with these people?!


I think C-G meant that a lot of researchers overlook Caucasus and lump it with Near East or Asia which confuses the hell out of Georgians due to #1 Genetics and History being different #2 Everyone refers to it differently. Some say Europe, some Asia some Black sea basin so in the end we are confused as to who research is about.. It would be much easier if researchers distinguished between Caucasus and other regions in their research to make it simpler for people who aren't geneticists.

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