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Anybody on this board participating with the Family Tree Finder? I was wondering how long this intro was going to last and what people participating in it so far thought about it.
From what I hear, first sets of results came in for Family Finder participants. Anybody on this board participating?
I am a participant, results not in 'til mid April.

I have heard we will be able to download our raw data, but don't know what data it will hold. I am hoping it can be analyzed for ancestral roots, but don't know if this will be possible!
From what I have heard a few are breaking down brick walls with this. I am still acquiring the demolition gear :LOL:

I now have 19 predicted 5th-distant cousins. My wife has 48 5th-distant cousins and 8 4th cousins.

What is interesting is my wife and I are predicted 5th-distant cousins. Then again UK villages had limited choice, so 5th cousin maybe quite distant compared to some :heart:
I don't think it will help me since the foggy part of my ancestory comes 6 or 8 generations back. Too many people of the same first and last names coming to America at the same time to same places. There have been professional genealogists that have thrown up their hands trying to sort through the records. The only think I can hope for is eventually somebody in Europe will end up with the same very similar Y DNA and a similar surname. I think that's the only way I'll ever be able to sort out where my family came from.
Oh family tree finder, its the first time hearing in this forum

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