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Hi I made the test with 23andme and my y haplogroup was assigned as G-Z6488 without further specification. Then I Made the y clade test and gave me these results

Most specific position on the YFull YTree is G-PF3239 Link to G-PF3239 on YFull View heatmap on Y Heatmap View theoretical migration on PhyloGeographer

G-PF3239 FGC8011(?) PF3178($) PF3231(?) PF3239($) PF3240($) PF3244(?) PF3247(?) PF6846($) Y1778(?) Y1783/FGC5681(?) Z6043(?) Z6123(?) Z6126(?) Z6129(?) Z6130($) Z6132/Y2426/E269(?) Z6198(?) Z6200/S11565(?) Z6277(?) Z6282(?) Z6283($) Z6303(?) Z6309(?) Z6312($) Z6475/FGC5665(?) Z6476/FGC5666(?) Z6477/FGC5662($) Z6480/FGC5667($) Z6483/FGC5668(?) Z6486/FGC5669(?) Z6489/S23573/FGC5676(?) Z6490/FGC5677(?) Z6492/FGC5730($) Z6493/S19892/FGC8009(?) PAGE52/PAGE52.3/PAGE52.1/PAGE52.2/PF3228/PAGES00052/PAGES00052.1/PAGES00052.2/M11015/FGC5661+
┣━G-L166 FGC5671(?) FGC5672($) FGC5696($) FGC5721(?) FT191098/Y180152(?) L166($) L167- Y232879/C101821(?) Z6134($) Z6135/S10301(?) Z6206(?) Z6208(?) Z6209($) Z6219($) Z6220(?) Z6287(?) Z6288/S19530/Z6213(?) Z6499/FGC5712($) Z6516/FGC5675($) Z6519(?) Z1370/Z1370.2($)
┃ ┗━G-Z6494 FGC5673(?) FGC5687(?) Y126330/FT172194(?) Y38112(?) Z12230/FGC8006(?) Z6207($) Z6215($) Z6494/FGC5674($)
┃ ┗━G-Z6211 Z6211- Z6495/FGC5722($) Z6503(?) Z6507(?) Z6512(?) Z6513(?) Z6514(?) Z6518(?)
┃ ┗━G-Z6036 Z6036(?) Z6179($) Z6210($) Z6212(?) Z6214($) Z6217($) Z6497($) Z6500(?) Z6502($) Z6504(?) Z6505/Z6789(?) Z6506(?) Z6508(?) Z6509(?) Z6510(?) Z6517($)
┗━G-Z6802 BY180308(?) BY180368(?) BY180531(?) BY180915(?) BY209519(?) FT206363(?) FT215176(?) FT3104($) FT319396(?) FT324584(?) FT325758(?) FT88573(?) PF3143($) PF3157(?) PF3230(?) PF3232(?) PF3235(?) PF3236(?) PF3242(?) PF3249(?) PF6835($) PF6838($) Y18933($) Y358538(?) Y358539(?) Z31447($) Z46441(?) Z6037(?) Z6224($) Z6225(?) Z6226($) Z6236(?) Z6797(?) Z6798(?) Z6800(?) Z6802(?) Z6803(?) Z6804(?)
┗━G-Z6228 BY180234(?) BY180647(?) FT296940(?) Y18934(?) Y18935(?) Y18936($) Y18937($) Z6183(?) Z6186($) Z6227(?) Z6228(?) Z6229(?) Z6230(?) Z6231(?) Z6232(?) Z6234($) Z6237(?) Z6239($) Z6805($) Z6807($) Z6810($) Z6815(?) Z6816/YP4761($)

Available Panels
YSEQ recommends the G2a-L1259 Panel Predicted G-PF3239 is downstream of the panel root. This panel may be applicable if it tests subclades below G-PF3239. Please verify and check with YSEQ customer support.

Next best prediction (scored 82 compared to 83) G-Z6484

I’m from southern calabria, my male lineage is from the grecophone area, I have genealogy since the first half of 17 century and the surname is attested in the area since the Middle ages. My haplogroup seems to have a sardinian or italian distribution. If it is sardinian that would be quite strange, if is not very ancient it could have come here in roman era or late antiquity, when both calabria and sardinia were bizantine, I doubt it is more recent. Haplogroup G is not that rare in Calabria but is difficult to understand what type of subclades are involved. Some are likely caucasian or levantine but it seems is not my case. There is someone who has any clues about the origin of my subclade?

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