G2a3 With No Downstream SNPs?! Help!


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Hi, Everyone,

I recently took the Geno 2.0 test and just got my results back. The test labeled my yDNA results as "G-PF2822," and once I clicked to enter the discussion, it let me through Haplogroup G on down through the SNP L30, which is the defining characteristic of G2a3.

However, it turns out that almost everyone who is G2a3, like me, is also a member of one of two subclades: M406 and L141.1. I think this must mean that I am simply G2a3 with no further SNPs, but this is very surprising because from what I've read out there on the internet (and I don't know how recent it was, but...) that only one man has ever been found to have tested as G2a3 without fitting into one of the subclades.

Perhaps the Geno 2.0 is not showing me my "terminal SNP"? I mean, G2a3 is pretty darn old, so for me to be one of the very few of an already not-very-common haplogroup to have original G2a3 yDNA without any further mutations strikes me as strange. Possible, of course, but would be highly unique, and also robs me of the chance of getting more recent yDNA information.

Anybody else here ever been tested for Haplogroup G by NationalGeographic? How far did it list your downstream SNPs?
I'm American - my paternal great-grandfather is from eastern Sicily.
So, it turns out I got an answer: I do have downstream SNPs, but Geno 2.0 only shows the viewer the SNP's they've mapped thus far.

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