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We will be visiting Ireland for our first time this coming June, 2012. Unfortunately, we only have 3 days. We arrive in Dublin the night of June 19th, then we thought we would drive over to Galway and also visit Dingle. Other suggestions? We love nature and the outdoor activities, along with good beer and music. :)
Suggestions on good places to stay?

Thank you!

Definitely too short for a Galway-Dingle trip. I would recommand you spend the 3 days in Galway with day trips to the Connemara, Burren and Cliffs of Moher. Dingle is a long drive, and Galway is best enjoyed at night.
Great Discussion by all of you, I am quite happy after seeing this discussion board. I am just so sure that it will be great time for me if will spent there goos time. By the way, I also love to get more information about the place and just hope that will find massive details here from you guys.
Olga! I am going t agree with you Burren is a great destination for travelling point of view. I have been visited there at once in my life. I was visited there with my younger college fellows. I had great fun there and its is the beautiful Republic of Ireland. Many travelling lovers to go there for enjoyment.

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