Genetic ancestery changes in stone to bronze age transition in east european plain


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Genetic ancestry changes in Stone to Bronze Age transition in the East European plain
View ORCID ProfileLehti Saag, Sergey V. Vasilyev, Liivi Varul, Natalia V. Kosorukova, Dmitri V. Gerasimov, Svetlana V. Oshibkina, Samuel J. Griffith, Anu Solnik, Lauri Saag, Eugenia D'Atanasio, Ene Metspalu, Maere Reidla, Siiri Rootsi, Toomas Kivisild, Christiana Lyn Scheib, Kristiina Tambets, View ORCID ProfileAivar Kriiska, View ORCID ProfileMait Metspalu
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Transition from the Stone to the Bronze Age in Central and Western Europe was a period of major population movements originating from the Ponto-Caspian Steppe. Here, we report new genome-wide sequence data from 28 individuals from the territory north of this source area - from the under-studied Western part of present-day Russia, including Stone Age hunter-gatherers (10,800-4,250 cal BC) and Bronze Age farmers from the Corded Ware complex called Fatyanovo Culture (2,900-2,050 cal BC). We show that Eastern hunter-gatherer ancestry was present in Northwestern Russia already from around 10,000 BC. Furthermore, we see a clear change in ancestry with the arrival of farming - the Fatyanovo Culture individuals were genetically similar to other Corded Ware cultures, carrying a mixture of Steppe and European early farmer ancestry and thus likely originating from a fast migration towards the northeast from somewhere in the vicinity of modern-day Ukraine, which is the closest area where these ancestries coexisted from around 3,000 BC.

There are 3 samples who are EHG ( r1a,q)
But most samples from bronze age culture fatyanovo 2900-2050 bc
So i put it here
Y haplogroups : ::cool-v:

Individual Site Archaeological culture Date BP Date cal BC Y hg

BER001 Berendeyevo Volosovo/Lyalovo 5487±40 4447–4259 Q1-L54

PES001 Peschanitsa Veretye 10728±59 10785–10626 R1a5-
YP1301 (under YP1272) ( damn old davidski will celebrate)

BOL001 Bolshnevo 3 Fatyanovo 4005±39 2829–2460 R1a-M417

BOL003 Bolshnevo 3 Fatyanovo 3956±34 2571–2345 R1a2-Z93

GOL001 Goluzinovo Fatyanovo 3968±32 2575–2349 R1a-M417

HAL001 Khaldeevo Fatyanovo 4037±32 2832–2473 R1a2-Z93

HAN002 Khanevo Fatyanovo 4083±33 2859–2495 R1a2-Z93

HAN004 Khanevo Fatyanovo 4036±37 2835–2471 R1a2-Z93

NAU001 Naumovskoye Fatyanovo 4047±35 2836–2573 R1a2-Z93

NAU002 Naumovskoye Fatyanovo 4036±40 2836–2469 R1a2-Z93

NIK002 Nikultsino Fatyanovo 4100±34 2865–2500 R1a-Z645

NIK003 Nikultsino Fatyanovo 3972±54 2522–2298 R1a-M417

NIK008A Nikultsino Fatyanovo 4039±33 2834–2472 R1a-Z645 (xZ283)

NIK008B Nikultsino Fatyanovo 4039±34 2834–2472 R1a-Z645 (xZ283)

TIM008 Timofeyevka Fatyanovo 4036±32 2832–2473 R1a-Z645

VOR003 Voronkovo Fatyanovo 3987±29 2573–2466 R1a-Z645

VOR005 Voronkovo Fatyanovo 4002±54 2840–2343 R1a-M417

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