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M-DNA: L3, N, R, U, U5, U5a - U5a1

Y-DNA: M42, M168, M89, M304, M172, L212, L26, M67- J-PF7394

I have received my results about 5 days ago and since then I have research through the internet. However I did not find all the info I needed related to these Genetic Haplogroups.

Can anyone help, please?

Your paternally J2-M67 apparently, and maternally u5a1. A nice little map about that, red is the highest percentages, M67 is son of M410 and M172 before that, J2 (M172) originated between southern turkey/northern Syria. Then your subgroup of J2a (M410) originated somewhere in Georgia, the northern Fertile Crescent, it is most found in Chechens, Ingush (Nakh people's that ultimately have middle eastern origins) Georgians, Azeris, Armenians, also found in north-central Italians, it is a Caucasus region origin middle eastern marker, downstream of its father J2 which dominates the Fertile Crescent.
You seem to be French, its quite rare in France. As for your maternal U5a1, it arose some 16,000 years ago. This paragraph may be of interest to you: U5 has been found in human remains dating from the Mesolithic in England, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia,[14] Sweden,[15] France [16] and Spain. [17] Haplogroup U5 and its subclades U5a and U5b form the highest population concentrations in the far north, in Sami, Finns, and Estonians, but it is spread widely at lower levels throughout Europe. This distribution, and the age of the haplogroup, indicate individuals from this haplogroup were part of the initial expansion tracking the retreat of ice sheets from Europe ~10kya.
In other words, you are either an extremely rare remnant of Mesolithic blood or your maternal line has some Finnish or Estonian, as this is where your maternal group peaks in %
We do not know any relatives that are either from Estonia, or Finland. It is probably I come from Mesolithic blood.

So, M-DNA is passed from my mother meaning that I do not have any haplogroups from my mother's father, right? Because M-DNA is mother to child always?
Well that's where the highest concentrations of U5 women are, Finland, Estonia, norway's Sami people
I am from Malta. I do not know how much this is common in the Mediterranean region. As regards to J2-M67 it is mainly found in Georgia, Checnya, Anatolia, and Northern Iran. It is also spread to Central Italy.

Geno 2.0 concluded that I resemble most the Iberians (Spain and Portugal).
I guess your not so out of place paternally, since Malta must have received middle eastern influence but your MTDNA? Wow, more of an extreme Scandinavian/north European group
Paternally not that much, although J2-M67 is not that common either. It is more profoundly distributed in the Caucasus region.

Maternally is really a mystery and very very rare.

Geno 2.0 said that I am: 55% Mediterranean, 21% Northern European, 20% South-West Asian and 4% Sub-Saharan African. However since the Mediterranean is very complex he did not specify which part of the Mediterranean whether it is Europe, the Levant or North Africa.

The first resemblance was with the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) because they are 48% Mediterranean, 37% Northern European. The Second closest resemblance was Kuwait and I found this very weird. Kuwaitis are 57% Mediterranean, 27% South-West Asian, 8% Sub-Saharan African, 4% Northern European and 2% Northeast Asian.

I did not like my resemblances that much. Both regions that were given out are not that identical to me. I have 21% European but Iberians have 37% and Kuwaitis only 4%.

Can it be more reliable?
Hello fellow J-PF7394. Like you, I am on the early part of the learning curve on the result(Geno 2.0). My Y results are the same as yours and confirmed the Y results from Family Tree a year ago. I did the Geno 2 test as I am more interested at the moment in ancestral information than finding a cousin. My results from Family Tree (FT) got me to SNP M163. My Geno 2 results were uploaded to FT and at present I am a member of the J Haplogroup project at FT. It seems like there are very few J-7394's on record. In my case, M163 is presently found at very low levels in Spain and I am having FT test my M163 snp for whatever information it can add to the limited info I have on PF7394. There is a Facebook oage for the J2 project. If you are interested in following their comments, give me a response and I'll post the website. It would at least give you a resource.

As for my MT haplogroup, it is U5b2a2b1. Some of my ancestors were in Galicia, Spain, and Portugal although the more work I do on my genealogy, the more I find that my European ancestors stretch from Spain through Germany, UK, to Lithuania, down to the Balkans.
Can it be more reliable?

I found that the differences in results from FT to Geno 2 were slight. There are a number of on line systems you can run your raw data through which is what I have done. Every model/system that has evaluated my results agrees with FT and Geno 2 which I pretty much anticipated would happen. I would think that your report is reliable. But if you are curious and want to run your autosomal, MT, and Y dna raw data through any of the systems, let me know and I'll put up the websites.

In the case of my MT results, I have a well documented paper trail of my mother's ancestry. Like many U5's, many of her ancestors go back to Spain and Portugal as well as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Lithuania. The majority of her more recent ancestors (in the past 200 years) came from the UK and NW Germany, the Palatine to be precise. The dna results tightly reinforce the paper trail and it is interesting how much people moved back and forth across Europe east-west-north-south. Most of us are a mixed-bag, which is good in my view.
Here's my Genographic results I just got back today.

Paternal Line: M42 > M168 > M89 > P128 > M45 > M207 > P231 > M343 > L278 > P310 > L21
Maternal Line: L3 > N > R > U > U2 > U2E > U2E1'2'3



I find is curious there is no French reference population...

And myFTDNA gives:

Y-DNA R1b1a2a1a1b4 Shorthand R-L21
mtDNA U2e1b

I'm French Canadian, and I can track both Paternal and Maternal to France during the first colonization of Nouvelle France in the 1650's.

Paternal Michel Dupuis, b. 1634 and d. 1700
Maternal Marie Cholet, b.1602 and d. 1642

I can track my paternal line in France to Gen. Raphael de Podio, Commander of the Roman Cavalry & Grand Chamberlain of the Roman Republic, Governor of Provinces of Lanquedoc & Dauphiny of Southeastern France (b. bef. 1033), but there isn't any information beyond him that I've found so far but in my lineage is a lot of really interesting history including the Acadians, the Huguenots, Knights Templars, Great Priestly Architects, Dukes, and all sorts of Nobility and Chivalry. L-21 being linked to the Davidic house of Judah is giving me the want to connect the missing links in my family tree.

I'm really enjoying the help DNA tracking is giving the family tree research.

I am from Argentina and I am interested in do the Gen Test. How can I do it?
just a question: the ethnicity/population percentage is based on autosomal dna. would it be more relevant if it was on haplogroups ?
just a question: the ethnicity/population percentage is based on autosomal dna. would it be more relevant if it was on haplogroups ?
Nope, haplogroups are based on Y DNA and mtDNA, which are no more than 2% of all DNA.
Nope, haplogroups are based on Y DNA and mtDNA, which are no more than 2% of all DNA.

Yes I know that. what about instead of comparing our autosomal dna to an underlying database samples, we just take into account the haplogroup percentage in a population to deduct the ethnicity percentages ..?

not sure my question is clear....
Yes I know that. what about instead of comparing our autosomal dna to an underlying database samples, we just take into account the haplogroup percentage in a population to deduct the ethnicity percentages ..?

not sure my question is clear....
We can do that only if population is not very well mixed and Y haplogroups are recently coming from well known and defined ethnicities, and his autosomal DNA still could be mostly from that group. It is so rare that I can't give you a real life example. It is theoretical possibility only. The main issue is that ethnicity is a cultural phenomenon, not a genetic one. For example we can have a person living in Turkey having half of European genome, and this person is a patriotic Turk and Sunni Muslim. On top of it his language is actually from Central Asia, not from Near East, never mind Europe. This person also has not more than 10% original Central Asian Turk DNA. See, it is complicated even on autosomal level. His Y haplogroup could have come from Turkic, Near Eastern or European great, great... grand father. Complicated.
Geno2 gave me a bare one percent Neanderthal, no mentions to Denisovans even. As I have no recent African ancestry I'm thinking that they have changed the way to calculate ancestry (the mean percent for Europeans is 2% right?) or there is out there a pop with scanty Neanderthal ancestry other than Africans (in fact autosomaly I have three times less of African admixture than the mean Spaniard).

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