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Y-DNA haplogroup
e-fgc7391 500CE
mtDNA haplogroup
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Only 0.3%?
I-Z63 is 1.1% of their samples.
yes i think it is because
most of the people who took this tests are European
and cts1096 is afcorse less common in Europe than west Asia like your clade I1A
My Geno2.0 results gave me East Europe 54, Southwest Europe 23, Northwest Europe 9, Asia Minor 9 and Jewish Diaspora 2. Which is a total of 97%...
And the 23% for southwest Europe seems very unlikely as I am from Bosnia and I don't know of any even remotely Spanish ancestry. Plus some other autosomal admixture companies don't confirm any significant admixture from that region.

So I don't know if you have but if you wanna find out more you might wanna try some other sources. Some are free too.
i sent email
to migule vilar he is one of the experts in geno2 team
i talled him about my case
of the
0% neanderthal that it might be mistake of the lab
he say he will check it than will give me an answere what he found :)
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I just realized that the geno 2 next generation test I did was "helix" and those you can't download raw DNA data yet. I hope they make it available soon.
The other Geno2 you can some from ftdna. So this Helix one is a lab in San Diego CA, and ftdna Houston TX. I guess it's two different labs or companies.
migule vilar from geno2 talled me today there was indid mistake
in the lab { how can non african score 0% neaderthal nada }

It was a

rounding error that occurred with a few participants. We

hope to have it fixed very soon.

p.s he answere very fast and i appricate his help.
I wonder how many mistakes they make.
i don't know
but in this case it is easy to see it goes against logic
i am still non african so the chances for my real %
is afcorse lower than european like you or other members here
but i expect some trace like 0.5% neaderthal maybe .
there was a paper who talked about a neaderthal allelle in chromosome 15 which reduced chance for schizofrenia
and effect height i am hetrozogites for this allelle so it actuley neaderthal haplotype in chromsoosme 15
so i was in shocked to see 0% no logic
now i got to my geno2 profile they fixed
it i am 1%

it is lower than europeans but in line with levantines %
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have to agree they blew it big time
i sent migel villar email
that how is it possible that both ftdna labd anlaysed
my data
and results are realy diffrent ?
just an example in my origins 2.0 i score 11% east euro
and in geno2 next i score nada 0%
in my origins 2.0 i score 0% west central europeto
than in geno2 next i score 11% west central truly amazing
i am not sure he will answere because this is a big question here

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