Global disasters have struck humanity several times and may strike again


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Most of us believe that we live on a peaceful planet, where only disasters on a local scale occur. However, history knows of cases of global catastrophes that annihilated a large part of the human population and led to a deep collapse of civilization.

One example is the medieval Black Death pandemic. In the 14th century, the plague killed half of Europe's population, but also wreaked havoc on other continents. Entire families were dying together. There were not enough living to bury all the dead. For the chroniclers, the plague was devastation more final than Noah's Flood. So many died that everyone believed it was the end of the world. Contemporary scientists and witnesses to these events pointed to the conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, which had occurred a few years earlier, as the cause of the plague. They also pointed to the "corrupted air" released from the Earth's interior during earthquakes, for cataclysms of this type were widespread and intense during the plague period. The witnesses of these events reported many unusual phenomena. For example, there are reports saying that in some places fire was falling from the sky and killing people.

Several centuries earlier - at the beginning of the Middle Ages - the first plague pandemic swept across all three continents of the Old World, inflicting similarly great losses on humanity. One chronicler wrote that the disease took the lives of a third of the world's population. Animals also died out en masse. But the plague was not the only problem. According to the accounts in the chronicles, just before the epidemic, the sky was obscured by a huge amount of dust and gases, which could have come from the impact of a big asteroid. Eyewitnesses reported that for 18 months the sun gave forth its light without brightness. The climate disruption resulted in crop failures and famine in most of the world. People at the time were convinced that this was the apocalypse.

About 3,000 years ago, all the forces of nature seem to have colluded again to do the work of destruction. History recorded in tree rings testifies that there was a massive volcanic eruption or an asteroid impact at that time. There were also severe earthquakes, prolonged droughts, and possibly also a plague. All of this led to a complete collapse of the Bronze Age civilization. Famines and mass migrations set in, and the population declined drastically. Within 50 years, almost every major city in the eastern Mediterranean was destroyed. The world of organized state armies, kings, officials, and redistributive systems disappeared. It took the ancient civilization as long as three hundred years to recover from this collapse.

These are just a few of the global catastrophes that can be found in the pages of history. These examples show that every now and then the Earth is struck by massive cataclysms that reset civilization. It used to happen in the past, so it can happen again. Unfortunately, all signs of the earth and sky indicate that another such reset is about to happen.

My study is long and contains about 100,000 words, which is equivalent to a rather thick book. For those who generally do not believe that it is possible to predict future cataclysms, I encourage you to read my free ebook, if only to learn about civilization resets that have occurred in the past and changed the course of history. I am convinced that neither the school nor the media told you about it.

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