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Hello. My genealogical paper trail goes back to 1550 and a tiny farming village of Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire in England.
The man's name was Henry Pallady/Palladine. It is likely he was a member of the small landowning family, Palady, that existed at least as early as the late 1400's. Later on, in the 1600's my ancestors adopted the surname Paradine, likely borrowed from a more prestigious family that lived in nearby Bedford.

Many people have suggested that Palladie/Pallady/Palladine(heck even Paradine) is not a surname of English origin. I know that the surname Paradine came to Britian as Paradyn likely from Brabant. But Pallady? To me, it sounds like it could be Norman French or Dutch, but I have not found many references to a surname of this nature in those areas.

Which leads me to why I am posting in the G2a forum. After confirming my paper genealogy with a family YDNA study, I identified my early Pallady male ancestor as GM406 > GM3302. From what I have read this is primarily a Mediterranean subclade found in Turkey, Greece, and Italy?

While I understand that the first M3302 likely lived 4,000 years ago and that his male descendants could have gone anywhere before ending up (in my case) in England. But given the unusual (likely non-English) surname and rare G signature, I'm assuming my male ancestor arrived in England from another country after the adopting a surname, so likely 1200-1450.

To me, this would suggest an individual relocation from Italy/Sicily/Greece, rather than the immigration of a group of people to England. So perhaps he was a merchant, craftsman, mercenary, or of the clergy? This is my current speculation. In addition, I've been intrigued by the connection of the name Pallady to the word Paladin and particularly the Palladino family of Italy, which I feel might be a contender if/in fact my ancestor bore a surname before he arrived from England.

I'm curious if anyone can offer any insight into M406/M3302 that might support or suggest another alternative. Or perhaps I am missing something that is obvious and might offer another avenue to investigate further. As of now, other than my own Paradine family lines, I have no other YDNA matches beyond 12 markers (I took a Y37). I have 4 YDNA matches with genetic differences of 1, which I think could indicate a common ancestor 1 to 2 thousand years ago. They are 2 Pontic Greeks, a Ukrainian, and an Italian. Thoughts/suggetions?

PS I have a link to my family YDNA page on FTDNA. Paradine Family Project. But as I'm a new member, I can't post links :p
Nothing can be said definitively but Caucasus also seems to have plenty of GM406. Unfortunately the region is barely researched with very few actual samples. 13th and 14th century was also a time of crisis in the region after a relatively flourishing period so exactly the time when wealthier people would migrate away. Although Britain is bloody long way. Basing it on the last name is a really long shot but I can think of a more than few last names that sound similar from the top of my head. Georgian - Paliani, paldiani, Palavandi. Armenian Palaian, Paladian etc. Anyway good luck with your research.
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