Greatest Greek contributions to the world

What is/are Ancient Greece's greatest contribution(s) to the world?

  • Philosophy (Aristotle, Socrates, Plato...)

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  • Literary classics (Iliad & Odyssey, myths, fables, poetry and mythology)

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  • Theatre styles (drama, comedy, tragedy, tragicomedy)

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  • Ionian, Doric and Corinthian architectural styles

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  • Democracy

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  • Olympic games

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  • Other (please specify)

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Ancient Greece's greatest contributions to the world

Olympic games- the international sports competition in which almost every country participates in.

democracy- It means rule by the people. Athenian Greeks might have invented democracy but power was in the hands of wealthy merchants. Romans who aspired to the same ideal were also the elite few. Also Rome still had slaves so Rome doesn't have a true democracy. How can there be a true democracy in a society populated by slaves? The British Parliament was born only because King George was forced to share authority with aristocrats. Even the U.S. Senate was ran by only white men until 20th century. How can you have democracy in a multi-racial country with a senate ran by people excluding minorities? Granted, Asians and Hispanics didn't immigrate to the U.S. until mid-19th century. Blacks were still slaves back then until the Civil War, so they couldn't vote and run in public office. Native Americans could not even run any government in their own country. What real democracy has racial segregation and inequality laws? That is why U.S. was not a real democracy until Blacks and other minorities have won participation in the whites-only government in the late 1960's or early 1970's.

Hippocratic Oath: the moral code of medical ethics upheld by doctors today.

Theatrical drama, acting, and comedy (a type of drama).

Philosophies of Aristotle, Socrates, Plato

Ionian, Doric and Corinthian architecture

literary classics such as Iliad and Odyssey, myths, fables, poetry and mythology
All of the above ...

plus ....

Souvlaki and the bouzouki ...!

I too think that all of those listed were great contributions, but I have to put the philosophies of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were the most valuable. (Simply because of my great interest in philosophies of various historical figures)
Why did you make a one-choice poll ?
I have voted for The Odyssey and The Illiad.....great literary classics which I always enjoy reading!!:wave:
The greatest contribution of Greeks to the world is the question "Why?" Thanks to Thales.

Kalispera to neighbours.
My vote was for philosophy.
Every culture is extraordinary in some way, I have great admiration for the ancient Chinese culture for instance, but I think that Greeks gave to the world more than the single things you can vote in this pool...They gave the shape and the basis for the great things later developed in the Western World.
Greek philosophy opens your mind to the world, it's great variety of thought is amazing; and I even think that Greek religion (or mythology) is one of the most intelligent kind of spirituality that humans delivered to the world.
Hellenic civilization is a generator of thoughts, feelings and human morality.
It is our beloved inexhaustible fountain where we can cease our thirst.
Democracy, science and literature.

Also the philosophers and geographers like Eratosthenes, Diodorus, Aristotle and my favourite Ptolemy.
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Philosophy and Democracy has got my vote :)
Too bad math and science was included. I heard wrestling will be taken off Olympics. Wasn't wrestling one of the original sports in Olympics?
The fact that wrestling is removed from the olympics is a joke honestly it just is.
I would say the greatest Greek contribution is the Trojan Horse. Without them would be no name for the computer viruses now. They also taught the world how to stick their noses to the other countries bussines. They got once a blody nose from Turkey. They also contributed to he financial sector experimentin how it feels to live with the other peoples money. They learned that doing that you can get chocked. Many ancient Greek achievments are exagerations, since they were in fact no Greek. They were in many ways arab achievments.
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