Haplogroup HV "from" Africa?


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The immediate ancestor pf haplogroups H and V, HV, peaks in the Middle East

But, today the subclades of haplogroups H and V peak in Western Europe.

The thing we should notice here, is that haplogroup H in Europe is dominated by the H1 subclade.
And as you can see here
At the beginning of the European Neolithic, some 7000 years ago, haplogroup H1 is very extended in France, with no presence whatsoever in Greece or other Balcanic countries.

If H1 is not in the Balkans (Europe's border with the Near East and corridor to Central Europe), and it's in France, that must mean it didn't enter the continent through that 1st route (the Balkans)

It rather followed a 2nd route known to science and mentioned here in Eupedia, that is the one through the Mediterranean and Atlantic countries.

Don't get me wrong, there's haplogroup H in Greece today and in prehistoric times, just not the H1 clade, that as I said, is the most common in Europe, particularly in the West.

Judging from the maps and the ancient samples, Greece/the Balkanic corridor most likely served for the expansion of UK and JT subclades directly from the Asian Near East, with previous ancestors living probably in the Arabian desert

While 'the 3rd sister',HV came sailing between Southern Europe and the African Middle East (Sahara desert)
I mention Africa because H1 and V have left descendants there.
H1, even if it's the most common haplogroup in Europe, barely surpasses 15-20% frequency, while in the Tuareg population(Berbers) of the Lybian Sahara, they're 61%!!
Haplogroup V also has a lot of descendants among different Berber tribes.
H1 spread with people from the Iberian peninsula across Europe after the end of the Last Ice Age about 12,000 years ago. Migrations from the Iberian peninsula after the Last Ice Age brought H1 into the African continent across the Strait of Gibraltar.

The Time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) of the Tuareg V sub-lineage is estimated around 3,600±2,600 years ago or at a maximum of 8,800 years ago, thus coming to North Africa after the Last Ice Age.

The West Eurasian component observed in the Tuareg is highly interesting. A major proportion (94%) could be allocated to haplogroups H1, H3 and V, West Eurasian lineages of Iberian origin that spread to Europe7, 10, 17, 26, 29, 36 and most probably North Africa30, 31 with the improvement of the climatic conditions after the retreat of the ice sheets 15 000–13 000 years ago. The interpolation maps of these lineages across North Africa and Europe (Supplementary Material SM5) clearly place the Tuareg population in the path of the southern African edge of post-Last Glacial Maximum expansions. The H1 haplogroup (Supplementary Material SM5A and SM5B, with and without the outlier Norway, respectively) is as frequent in our southern Tuareg groups as in Libya and the centre of the dispersion within the Iberian Peninsula. The H3 haplogroup is almost vestigial in Tuareg (Supplementary Material SM5C), having the highest observed frequencies outside of Iberia in Algeria and Tunisia.

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