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The Greeks are fathers of J2b but they would also absorb invaders from the Middle East with J2a as well. Middle eastern J2 would create J2b in the Balkans as well as north-African E3b would create E-v13 in e Balkans too. Later on, J2a from the Fertile Crescent/Mesopotamia would be absorbed by Greeks as well.
Hi Everyone...I am new to this forum but wanted to share my recent DNA data results. My paternal line is J2a1b*. My grandparents are from Campania in Southern Italy (Napoli) and I am a 3rd generation American. I always considered myself of Italian lineage but after reading many of the posts, I am now considering that my paternal lineage may have flourished further "east" (i.e. Balkans) than previously thought. I have had my raw data further analyzed and was provided with J2-M67 marker. I am somewhat confused by having (2) separate halpogroups or is J2a1b* only a mutation of the J2 group? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you

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Wherever there are traces of J2b, there are traces of Greeks as well.
For example, certain Armenians can have low % traces of J2b as they where hellenized, but the majority of the original J2 Armenians where and today are J2a M410, a middle eastern origin Clade, even though it can be found in Crete, Italy etc from definite middle eastern influence.
No there is more J2a in Sicily in general but north-central Italy has 10% J2b and 10% J2 M67
Thanks for your feedback everyone! More research for me!
The highest global frequencies of M67 are found in several Nakh people's (Chechens,Ingush), Georgians (18-20%), north-central Italians (10%), and Turks (10%), M67 originated in the Caucasus mountains near Georgia/Armenia and from there spread to north-central Italy via turkey.
http://gentis.ru/img/y/M67.gif. Highest frequencies of M67 on a map. It's really centred around Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the extreme southern Russian Caucasus, its a northern extension of middle easterners such as mesopotamians. It arrived to Italy via this northern middle eastern region, the Caucasus.
"IE-speaking Iranians have largely the same haplogroups as Arabs, but a much higher representation of haplogroup J2 compared to J1. The converse is true for all Arabs except the Lebanese. But, we do know, that even in Lebanon itself, Muslims have a higher J1/J2 ratio than Christians, and Islam was the main vehicle of Arabization in the region. The Christians are descended from the pre-Arab Byzantine Greco-Aramaic populations."
Coastal-inland differences in Y chromosomes of the Levant.

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