Has there been a change in the comment update section?


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I'm finding it more difficult to follow threads-- I'm also getting a large advertisement in this space (which actually doesn't bother me because I understand there should be a way for the owner to monetize this most valuable and useful site).

Is there a way to have the older format-- but with the new ad in it? It's the new alteration of the format that is difficult to follow thread progressions.
I changed the lay out of the blocks in the right column of the index page because most people follow new threads by clicking on the What's new or New Posts buttons on top. As these don't show new threads though, I thought it better to display new threads first.
I know how much time and effort you must put into this site (which kicks complete ass by the way), so I know I shouldn't complain... but my vote is for the older version of the right column. Following the more successful threads now seems to be much more difficult for some reason.

With the old version I did review all the new thread postings but didn't respond to the ones that seemed unanswerable or off topic. Would it help a return to the other system if the more active users agreed to participate more in these less viewed threads?

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